3 Tips for Maintaining Your Summertime Weight Loss

You’ve achieved your summertime weight loss goal. Congratulations! Now begins something just as hard: keeping the weight off. There are a few strategies that can help.

1. Vigilance
Your scale is not the enemy. Most people who lose weight regain it within two to three years. Keep weighing yourself daily and stay alert to food choices, portions and the onset of moods you know have triggered overeating in the past.

2. Exercise

You don’t need to exercise as much to keep the weight off as you did to lose it. Coupled with sensible eating, exercise need only burn between 2500 and 2800 calories per week. That’s about an hour per day of moderately intense physical activity. The most common form of exercise for successful weight management? Walking. It can be done anywhere, though for days when the weather won’t cooperate, you might want to use a treadmill, either your own or at the local health club.

You’ve probably lost something else in all that weight decrease: muscle. Dieting reduces muscle mass as well as fat. Some resistance training will help keep the weight off, as muscle burns more calories when you’re at rest than other tissues. Weights are ideal for resistance training, but like walking, you need not belong to a gym or buy weights to enjoy its benefits. Those basic exercises you learned in your high school gym class will promote muscle growth just as well as any fancy equipment, and can be done on your own time at home. Such things as pushups, standing leg lifts, squats, lunges, crunches and cores and variations on them can be done by anyone.

3. Diet

Fresh produce will help you curb hunger while providing essential nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and can be filling. Plan menus as you did with dieting. Try bumping up your caloric intake by about 200 calories per day to find your ideal level. If you begin gaining again, level off and adjust as needed.

Lifestyle changes are vital to permanent weight loss. Sound, personal weight loss and nutritional counseling are available from your chiropractor in Dunedin.

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