5 Tips for a Happy Healthy Halloween

This Halloween, don’t let the fun of spooks and wizards turn into stomach aches and kids in pain. Halloween can be healthy while still being fun, as long as you use some common sense in your planning. While your kids may want to go trick-or-treating all night long, putting limits on where they go and what they eat can prevent some of the more common post-Halloween complaints.

Halloween Advice from your Dunedin Chiropractor

Dr. Paul Raveling, your Dunedin chiropractor, has cared for families since 1983. Here are five of his top tips for having a healthy and happy Halloween celebration.

  1. Give kids a good dinner before letting them go out trick-or-treating. They’ll probably be too excited to eat much, but offer healthy alternatives to snack foods, such as vegetable pizza or sandwiches with low fat meats and cheeses.
  2. Give out alternate treats. Instead of handing out the usual chocolate bars or lollipops, give healthier treats such as bags of pretzels, temporary tattoos, plastic Halloween rings, small bottles of water, or mini flashlights.
  3. Take your kids for a chiropractic exam before the big day. Trick-or-treating means a lot of walking and running, so make sure your children are in the best physical shape before they go out.
  4. Control the candy. Allow your children to choose a set number of candy pieces when they come home with their loot. After that, put the bags in the refrigerator and allow them to choose only two or three each day afterward.
  5. Check your child’s costume to make sure she can run and climb stairs without tripping. Also, check her mask to make sure she has a clear field of vision. Having an injury from falling on the sidewalk can ruin any kid’s Halloween celebration.

Creative moms and dads have been making Halloween a fun and healthy holiday. What is the best healthy Halloween idea you’ve ever used?

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