5 Tips to Prevent Back Pain on Your Next Road Trip

Taking to the road this summer? We love road trips, but sitting for hours can trigger or aggravate back pain. The following five tips from our chiropractor, Dr. Paul Raveling, will keep your back comfortable so you can relax and enjoy vacation.

1. Good Posture – Practicing good posture will prevent back pain in all situations, but maintaining good posture while driving can be difficult. Use a rolled up towel or pillow to support the natural curve of your lower spine and adjust your seat so your knees rest higher than your hips. In addition, use your seat’s headrest to keep your chin tucked. Using the headrest will also help prevent whiplash in the case of a fender-bender.

2. Balance – Balanced posture is just as important as good posture. Empty your pockets before sitting in the car to prevent sitting at an awkward angle. Also, use cruise control as often as possible so you can rest your feet at the same level. While we love the feeling of driving a manual transmission, pushing in the clutch can put real stress on your lower back. We recommend automatic transmissions for any long trips.

3. Regular Movement – Moving regularly will prevent muscle tension. Adjust your seat’s position or arm rests at least every 20 minutes and stop regularly to stand up, stretch, and move around.

4. Soothe – Toss an ice pack in your snack cooler and bring a hot water bottle (or your seat’s heat feature) to alternate hot and cold on your back, keeping inflammation and pain at bay.

5. Get Adjusted – Schedule an adjustment for before and after your trip to leave with your spine in proper alignment and to relieve any post-trip tension upon your return.

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What impressive sights do you plan to take in from the open road this summer?

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