Addressing Back Pain with Chiropractic Care

Getting into a car accident increases the risk of facing uncomfortable injuries and pain. Even a minor auto accident causes your body to move forward suddenly and then slam backwards from the momentum of the car’s forward motion. As a result, you can experiences sprains, strains and injuries to your spine that cause discomfort over time. Common injuries include back pain,  whiplash, headaches/migraines, and straightening of the cervical spine. It is important to address any injuries that may be present by checking with your chiropractor after a car accident, before symptoms even arise.

Injuries Resulting in Back Pain

At the Raveling Chiropractic Center in Dunedin, FL, we recognize that a variety of concerns arise after a car accident. By working with our car accident chiropractor, you can address back pain with holistic and natural strategies that offer conservative methods of handling the situation.

Common injuries that a car accident can cause include:

  • Injuries to the spinal cord
  • Herniated discs
  • Torn or injured muscles
  • Strains and sprains to the muscles or soft tissues

The pain in your back contributes to challenges you face when seeking treatment for your situation. Generally, you want to treat back pain as soon as you notice the situation so that you can recover in a healthy way.

Seeking Treatment for Pain in Dunedin

Chiropractic treatment for pain caused by an auto accident addresses the situation by improving your mobility and addressing the underlying cause of the discomfort. A car accident chiropractor evaluates the way that you move and the underlying injuries before making any recommendations for treatments. We always make sure that we understand the injury before working on recovery solutions so that you get the appropriate care for the situation.

We use spinal manipulation to help reduce pain from injuries associated with poor alignment or compression in your spine. By using controlled movements to reduce the pressure and improve your spine’s health, we help reduce the pain. We also recommend exercises and massage therapy to help with soft tissue injuries that cause pain in your back.

Treating an injury from an auto accident starts with understanding the nature of your injuries and providing the right tools to address the situation.

For more details about the treatments we offer to help with your pain, contact us for an appointment today.

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