Back Pain Home Remedies

Back pain can be debilitating, making normal living or working unpleasant or even impossible, depending on your symptoms. If you’ve been living with pain or discomfort, it’s time to do something about it. Naturally you can get help from a chiropractor, but there are many home remedies you can turn to in between visits as well.

Adjust Posture

Many of us sit for hours on end at home and at the office, and one of the easiest ways to relieve back pain is simply to change the way you sit. Pull your shoulders back, hold your spine erect and make sure elbows don’t hang suspended when typing: always rest them on a surface.

Use Ice and Heat

Ice and heat are helpful, but best when you use ice first (to reduce swelling) and heat after (to relieve pain and get blood flowing again).

Stretch Your Spine

Simply creating room between your vertebrae can solve a lot of back pain. Pull arms over your head in bed in the morning and at night, and do some extra exercises – such as cat-cow in yoga – during the day as needed.

Get Massaged

If you’re lucky enough to live with someone who is willing to massage your back, take them up on that. Ask them to focus on the areas that hurt – for instance, your neck, your lower back or your shoulders.

Take a Bath

If you can do so without aggravating your back further, take a hot bath several times a week. If you’re older, ask your doctor about appropriate temperatures, as too much heat can be dangerous. Stop this approach if it makes your back hurt more.

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