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Dunedin Chiropractor Uses Blog to Keep in Touch with ‘Family’

Visiting Raveling Chiropractic Center is akin to visiting family, as we strive to treat each patient with the individualized and personal care they deserve. Because our chiropractor Dr. Paul Raveling has been serving the community since 1983, we have a large extended family that stretches through the Palm Harbor, Clearwater and Tampa regions. Our new blog feature is one more way we can stay in touch with our extended family of patients and other readers who are interested in Dunedin chiropractic care and other wellness tips.

Natural, Non-Invasive Treatments for Back Pain, Neck Pain
and Overall Wellness

Dr. Raveling focuses on the whole person approach to heathcare, and our clinic offers services that are focused on overall wellness. Our spinal and postural screenings are an effective way to check for spinal issues, while Dr. Raveling’s use of the Gonstead technique or manipulation under anesthesia can help correct those issues. Such techniques have been effective for treating back and neck pain, chronic disc problems and re-injury, TMJ, herniated discs, frozen shoulder, and assisting with healing from an injury accident.

If massage therapy is what you need, you can join our Rub Club, which offers discounts on massage. Our physiotherapy treatments include Swedish message, therapeutic massage, ultrasound, cryotherapy, moist heat therapy, diathermy, cold laser therapy, mechanical traction, and interferential electrical muscle stimulation.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is another important aspect of overall wellness. We invite you to visit our office to view a short video with details on how you can lose up to 1 pound per day in a safe, easy and natural way. We offer 100 percent natural hormone crèmes and alkaline water to enhance the effectiveness of our weight loss and nutrition plans. Dr. Raveling can design an all-natural diet program that suits your specific nutritional and calorie needs.  Our lifestyle advice can round out your wellness plan, offering healthy habits and activities you can develop to help ensure you enjoy optimum health.

What topics would you like to see us discuss in our upcoming blogs?

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