Conditions Treated by Our Dunedin Chiropractor

Many people think of chiropractic care in terms of correcting isolated instances of back or neck pain — but while it can certainly do that with great success, it can address a great many other conditions as well. The chiropractic techniques and other conservative care measures offered here at Raveling Chiropractic Center can help you heal from an acute injury, overcome chronic pain without drugs or surgery, reduce your vulnerability to systemic disorders and generally keep you and your loved ones well. Our Dunedin chiropractor, Dr. Paul Raveling, can help you with:

Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accident injuries can do all kinds of damage to the body, even when your vehicle is moving slowly at the time. In addition to torn muscles and herniated discs in your back, you may suffer the dreaded neck pain, stiffness and other debilitating symptoms of whiplash. We can provide the right combination of chiropractic adjustments, flexion distraction therapy, physiotherapy and massage to treat every aspect of your injury.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries may include traumatic acute events that dislocate the spinal vertebrae or more slow-growing problems such as repetitive strain injuries (including such common examples as tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis). Dr. Raveling’s three decades of experience as a sports chiropractor can help you rehabilitate through a personalized program of physical therapy, natural pain relief methods such as cold laser therapy and massage therapy, and chiropractic adjustments to re-balance your body and stabilize your sports technique.

Workplace Injuries

There are countless ways to get hurt on the job, from that ill-advised lift that produces herniated lumbar discs and sciatica to the slow but steady chronic problems that occur thanks to awkward bending, twisting and other motions. We can realign your spine to relieve neuropathy and muscular strain while also providing ergonomic recommendations to help you work more safely.

Chronic Pain Conditions

Degenerative spinal conditions and other sources of chronic pain can erode your quality of life. Our Dunedin chiropractor can treat bulging discs, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, neuropathy from pinched nerves, osteoarthritis, headaches/migraines and other forms of chronic musculoskeletal or neuromuscular pain. Our combination of spinal adjustment techniques and soft tissue therapies can even help control the symptoms of such wide-ranging chronic pain disorders as fibromyalgia.

Systemic Disorders

When your body cannot communicate with itself properly, it cannot perform its numerous systemic functions at peak efficiency. Nerve impingement due to a spinal misalignment therefore contributes to everything from allergies, respiratory disorders and digestive problems to infertility, sensory abnormalities, diabetes and poor immune response. Periodic spinal screenings and adjustments can help you avoid these pitfalls and experience your best health all the time.


Pregnancy only lasts nine months, but those nine months can seem like a long time when you are suffering from the aches and pains caused or abetted by postural shifts, muscular aches and pinched nerves. Our gentle techniques are safe, allowing expectant mothers to stay optimally healthy and comfortable throughout pregnancy.

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