Dr. Raveling’s Summer Giveaway

Whether you are a current client or a new client, don’t miss out on this spectacular summer give-away! To show our appreciation for our patients, Dr. Raveling of Raveling Chiropractic Center in Dunedin Florida, is offering to one of his lucky patients a chance to win a gas grill! This gas grill has four burner’s, along with one side burner. The way a patient is entered is as follows: for every appointment they keep, they receive one ticket; for every referral of a new patient, they receive five tickets to place in the drawing. The drawing will take place on July third, so don’t miss out on your chance to win a grill from your favorite Dunedin chiropractor!

Benefits of Raveling Chiropractic Center

With summer here, many of us are spending all, if not most, of our time outdoors, at the beach, or just soaking up some sun in the backyard. Summer also brings more people leaving on vacation, as well as a higher number of tourists. With this in mind, we tend to see more fender benders due to increased traffic. Another factor summer brings, besides grilling in the back yard, is swimsuit season, and the urge for numerous people to lose weight. Luckily for you Dr. Raveling can help you in both areas. Dr. Raveling can help treat people who are suffering from auto-accidents, such as whiplash, and help others lose weight the right way. This chiropractic care center provides pain relief, and offers pain management, injury recovery as well as wellness care. Don’t let your body suffer anymore, get healthy and enter for a chance to win that gas grill!

Besides getting the chance to win a grill there are many benefits to going to see Dr. Raveling. Whether your muscles are sore, you suffered an auto or sport injury, or you just need some nutritional counseling; Dr. Raveling can help.

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