Dunedin Chiropractor Helps Restore Natural Neck Curvature

Dunedin Chiropractor Helps Restore Natural Neck Curvature

Symptoms of Spinal Misalignment in the Neck 

It is very easy to tell when you have neck pain. Many people complain of a crick in the neck, or are unable to move the neck freely in all directions. If you experience neck pain, limited neck mobility, and tight neck muscles, you may have a spinal misalignment in the neck.

Neck pain can be referred to your shoulders and upper arms. It can also affect internal systems, including digestion, hormone regulation, and even temperature control. Because your neck is so close to your brain, it is affected by nervous system impingements arising from spinal misalignments. Fortunately, we can restore both your neck’s curvature and your nervous system health through chiropractic adjustments.

How Our Dunedin Chiropractor Restores Neck Alignment

Our chiropractor will first evaluate you physically and take a health history. We want to determine whether lifestyle habits such as poor posture play a role in neck pain. As we adjust your neck, we can pass on corrective tips and exercises for wellness.

We use the Gonstead method, which delivers specific thrusts only to the area where you are out of alignment. By applying pressure strategically, we can shift the neck back into proper curvature and alignment. This typically takes several weeks.

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