Four Ways Massage Therapy Complements Chiropractic Care

At Raveling Chiropractic Center, P.A., we treat patients using a comprehensive care approach to encourage total body wellness. Using a combination of treatments, we help patients recover from injuries, overcome pain, and keep their bodies strong. We offer massage therapy in addition to chiropractic care, and encourage patients to take advantage of both. The numerous benefits of therapeutic massage complement those of chiropractic adjustments in four major ways.

1. Reduced Tension – Massage reduces tension by relaxing muscles and stretching fibers and ligaments. Reduced tension increases the effectiveness of spinal adjustments. When muscles are less tense, the spine is less likely to be pulled out of alignment.

2. Improved Circulation – Massage not only stretches muscles, but also veins, increasing blood flow. Circulation relieves pain by reducing inflammation. It also accelerates healing by delivering more oxygen, vitamins, and essential nutrients throughout the body. With ample resources, the immune system is better able to function, improving the body’s ability to heal.

3. Scar Tissue – Massage also helps the body by breaking up scar tissue from recent and past injuries. Scar tissue present in the body causes stiffness, soreness, and reduces range of motion. It can also be painful. Massage breaks up scar tissue, and allows the body to heal properly.

4. Pain Relief – One of the main goals of massage and chiropractic care is pain relief. With both treatments working toward the same goal, patients applying both almost always enjoy better results.

Our Dunedin Chiropractor Helps Patients with Back Pain

Using both massage therapy (deep tissue massage and trigger point massage) and chiropractic adjustments, our patients find relief from back pain. Whether low, middle, or upper back pain due to an injury, stress, or other reason, the seemingly magic combination of chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic massage helps patients find natural relief by reducing inflammation and muscle tension, while boosting circulation and the immune system. Call our office today to add massage therapy to your wellness plan.

Has massage helped you find relief from pain?

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