Helping You Lose Weight

Take the Pounds Off with Our  Dunedin Chiropractor’s Help

Resolved to finally lose the extra weight, but not sure how to get started? Our chiropractor Dr. Paul Raveling can help. His customized, all natural diet program is tailored to your individual wellness needs. Why does this matter? Everybody is different, and for long-term success, everybody needs their own customized weight management plan.

Dunedin Weight Loss Made Easy

Have you ever looked in the mirror and cried out in frustration, “Help me lose weight and keep it off!” Achieving successful weight loss can seem impossible, and we understand this frustration. After all, popular culture suggests that restricting calories is enough to take off the pounds. While reducing food consumption can make a difference, cutting calories alone won’t get the job done.
In fact, drastically cutting calories sends your body into starvation mode. You’ll feel exhausted, suffer mood swings and as soon as you start eating again, your body will immediately store all those calories as fat-leading to a cycle of yo-yo dieting. Dr. Raveling can help you find a better way.

Our weight loss program helps patients lose the weight and keep it off for life because we look at weight loss as a long-term lifestyle change. It’s a permanent solution rooted in scientific research and personalized nutritional counseling.

Dunedin weight loss patients choose our wellness center because Dr. Raveling’s program really works. Patients can expect to lose .50 to 1 pound a day until they achieve their goal weight. Through nutritional counseling, we help reset your body’s metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine. We’ll teach you how to eat the right foods to keep you energy levels steady all day.

Additionally, dietary counseling is a safe, all-natural way to manage chronic back pain and headaches. Inflammation in the body is associated with chronic pain. By eating a diet rich in antioxidants, you can naturally reduce this inflammation and manage your pain without the need for medication. This is just one example of how Dr. Raveling’s personalized counseling can truly make a difference for each and every patient!

Are you frustrated with traditional diets?

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