How Massage Can Help You Heal

Lie Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Benefits of Massage Therapy

Stress relief may be one of the most obvious benefits of massage therapy, but at Raveling Chiropractic Center, we know the benefits do not stop there. As advocates of overall health and wellness, Dr. Paul Raveling and our experienced staff have seen massage greatly benefit a number of conditions and ailments. We offer several types of therapeutic massage to best suit your individual needs, whether you are suffering from an injury, pain, or simply want an all-natural dose of energy or relaxation.

Our Dunedin Massages Are Just What the Chiropractor Ordered

We frequently use therapeutic massage as part of our Dunedin physical therapy programs. Massage increases blood circulation, decreases blood pressure and helps promote healing. The penetrating yet gentle force of our therapeutic massages can be especially helpful with injury accident treatments where muscles are strained, sprained or otherwise damaged. Additionally, massage also works to treat sports-related injuries as well as help prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

Back pain can also fall by the wayside with a therapeutic, trigger point or deep tissue massage. Depending on the type of massage, the therapist may use light, medium, or deep pressure and various types of strokes and motions to target the source of pain. A trigger point massage focuses on trigger points, or tight muscle tissues that are causing pain. This type of massage improves circulation which in turn relieves muscle stiffness, soreness and pain. Our deep tissue massage targets the deepest layers of muscles and fascia for maximum relief and has been shown to lower blood pressure.

Obvious changes on the exterior are not the only changes going on. Therapeutic massage creates biological changes within the body that provide even further benefits. The stress relief is more than psychological. Massage can result in a decrease in cortisol and arginine vasopressin, hormones associated with stress. Massage can also give your immune system a boost due to increase in white blood cells that contribute to the system’s formation and functioning.

What is your favorite thing about getting a massage?

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