Pain is a part of life and many people have experienced it in one form or another. Experiencing pain can sometimes be a part of the natural aging process, or it could be related to a specific incident such as a car accident or work injury. Pain doesn’t discriminate and can persist in many areas; many people could experience neck pain, back pain, headaches, or some other form of pain. But many people are discovering that they are able to get relief and achieve a better quality of life by visiting a chiropractor in Dunedin, FL.

At Raveling Chiropractic Center in Dunedin, FL, we are led by Dr. Paul Raveling, an experienced chiropractor who has been licensed and practicing in the area since 1983.  Rather than seeking to only take care of the immediate pain, Dr. Raveling treats his patients with a whole person approach that combines long-standing methods with the newest developments in chiropractic and nutrition with a whole person approach.

What to Expect As New Patient

When you first arrive, our receptionist will ask for forms that are available to download online. Our chiropractor, Dr. Pail Raveling will review the forms which allow him to know more about your health history so that he knows what treatment options make sense for you. He will discuss these with you in a consultation and then perform a chiropractic examination, testing things such as your reflexes, posture, and flexibility. You’ll be talked through each request and in some cases, and x-rays may also be included to get a clear look at your injuries and to get a clearer understanding of the underlying pain. From here, Dr. Raveling will discuss his findings and outline a treatment plan that is most likely to bring relief to your immediate pain as well as help you long term.

Dr. Raveling uses a three-step approach that relies on laying the proper foundation for chiropractic care so that your body is able to heal itself correctly as fully as possible. This is done in three phases:

Relief Care — designed to alleviate immediate pain. For most people, this means 2-3 visits a week for 4-12 weeks,

Corrective/Restorative Care– the frequency of visits is reduced to 4 to 8 per month for the next six months to two years. It is designed to teach you how to alter your behavior and movement so that the body can heal itself.

Wellness Care consists of periodic adjustments 1-4 times a month. These visits a brief, and the goal is simply to preserve the progress achieved through the rest of the treatment.

Online Forms

New patient health history form, children’s health record (for those under 18) Initial Consultation form, personal injury questionnaire – which will ask questions related to a specific accident that led you to our office where you might be seeking compensation

Payment and Insurance

Payment in full is required for all service, but we do accept most insurance plans, including Medicare, auto accident insurance, and workers compensation plans.  Those without access to insurance are usually able to negotiate an affordable payment plan. Financial difficulty should not deter you from seeking treatment, the longer you wait to begin treatment, the harder it is for everyone. We are committed to helping you find a solution. We also offer discounts if more than one person in the family is seeking treatment.

Contact Us Today

If you are finding yourself in pain, and are not able to get satisfactory relief from a traditional doctor, or are worried about side effects from medications, a visit to a chiropractor in Dunedin, FL may be the right choice for you. If you’re in the Dunedin, or a neighboring community of Clearwater, Lealman
Palm Harbor, Oldsmar, Redington Shores, Pinellas Park, South Highpoint, Treasure Island, St. Petersburg, and St. Pete Beach, contact us at  (727) 733-0433  to schedule an assessment.