Our Dunedin Chiropractor Answers Your Neck Pain Management Questions

Is chronic pain a literal pain your neck? Neck pain can occur gradually over time or may be the result of a traumatic whiplash injury. Whether poor posture or a car accident is the cause for your neck pain, the outcome for many patients is the same: throbbing, radiating pain; migraines and headaches; stiffness and restricted mobility; difficulty sleeping at night; and general poor health.

Understanding Neck Pain Management & Healing

If chronic pain has compromised your well-being, then our Dunedin chiropractor Dr. Paul Raveling can help. Below, Dr. Raveling answers three of your most frequently asked questions about neck pain, chiropractic care, and the benefits of drug free pain management:

What causes neck pain?

Your pain can have many contributing factors. For example, poor posture can strain the neck. If you lean forward while typing on the computer, this forward pull of the head stress the cervical vertebra, which causes pain and may contribute to degenerative disc disease. A traumatic accident injury, like whiplash, can also cause a misalignment of the cervical spine. The force of a rear-impact auto accident injury whips the neck into an abnormal “C” curve, characterized by hyperflexion and hyperextension in different parts of the spine.

How does chiropractic care relieve neck pain?

As long as the neck is misaligned, patients will suffer from pain. While medication can relieve pain, drugs cannot correct mechanical problems like hyperflexion and hyperextension. Dr. Raveling’s gentle, hands-on adjustments correct these misalignments and bring proper alignment back to the spine, which naturally manages your pain.

Can chiropractic care help restricted mobility?

Mobility restrictions in the neck may occur because of poor posture or a car accident injury. Your neck may be sore or stiff and you may find that it is difficult to move the head from side to side or even look up and down. Dr. Raveling will teach you different corrective care exercises to bring back natural mobility. Ergonomic adjustments to your workplace can also help relieve neck strain and improve mobility.

Have you tried chiropractic care for neck pain management?

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