If you have recently been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, it’s natural to have questions about what this diagnosis means for your future and whether our innovative treatments can help. How do nerves go from healthy to unhealthy, and how can you tip the balance back towards healthy?  Dr. Raveling answers four of the most frequently asked questions about peripheral neuropathy causes and treatment options.

What is peripheral neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is a medical condition characterized in which damaged nerves cause pain, numbness, tingling and hot/cold sensations. Peripheral neuropathy is a very serious condition that can cause permanent damage to the nerves if not properly treated. In severe cases, open sores and ulcers caused by neuropathy can even lead to the amputation of the toes, foot, and leg due to the development of gangrene.

What causes peripheral neuropathy?

Approximately 40% of all cases are caused by diabetes. A number of different factors are responsible for the remaining 60% of cases, including poor blood flow, lack of exercise/movement, obesity, kidney failure/dialysis, and certain medications. Underlying nearly all these causes is a decrease in blood flow (poor circulation), which restricts the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the toes and feet.

What should I expect during my first visit to your practice?

During your first visit, you’ll receive a comprehensive examination from our chiropractor including a full medical history. We’d like to get to know you better in order to provide you with the best treatment possible. Examination will then grade your neuropathy symptoms based on type and severity. Based on the results of this examination, your medical history, and your current symptoms, we will determine whether you are a good candidate for our neuropathy recovery program.

What types of treatment are available at Raveling Chiropractic Center for Peripheral Neuropathy? 

Our treatment consists of some or all of the following:

Cold laser therapy
Vibration therapy
Artho stem spinal adjustments
Vibracusor myofascial release
Take home rehab tools
Nutritional program for neuropathy
Items to help with hormone levels, thyroid, and/or blood flow (helps clear out the arteries and gets the blood flow down to the legs).
We offer different treatment options for peripheral neuropathy and will cater the treatment plan according to your unique needs. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out more info or to request an appointment today: (727) 733-0433 .