Physical Rehabilitation Gets You Moving

If you have suffered an injury accident, struggle with back pain from a recent personal injury, or need to rebuild your muscle tone after a debilitating ailment or surgical procedure, you will

probably need some form of physical rehabilitation. A careful combination of the right rehabilitative therapies can do a world of good in relieving pain and encouraging proper healing.

When we work with patients who need physical rehab, we may use any of several methods to enhance healing of injured or impaired tissues, including physical or temperature manipulation, electrical stimulation, sound waves and laser technology. All of these methods increase circulation in the affected tissues, allowing inflammatory substances and toxins to exit while healing nutrients and oxygen to enter and perform repairs on the cellular level. Massage, ice, and moist or dry heat reduce swelling and pain closer to the skin’s surface, while Interferential Muscle Stimulation, ultrasound therapy and cold laser therapy work at deeper levels. Cold laser therapy, in particular, can target a precise area, warming it and bringing prompt pain relief.

Exercise also plays in important role in a physical rehab program. Weakened or stiff muscles cannot be rushed back to health; instead, we carefully administer gentle exercises over a period of time, gradually increasing the amount of stress on the muscles until they regain their previous strength and range of motion. Along the way, we may apply any of the other therapies mentioned above as part of a holistic healing strategy.

Dunedin Physical Therapy Customized for You

If you seek a Dunedin physical therapy provider to rehab a sports or workers comp injury, or to recover strength and flexibility lost to an illness, come see us at Raveling Chiropractic Center. Our chiropractor, Dr. Paul Raveling, can prescribe a personalized combination of therapies for your specific health condition. No two injuries are alike, and no two patients have the exact same needs. So let us design a rehab program that works for you!

How has physical therapy improved your life?

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