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All-Natural Homeopathic Drops: Wellness Comes from Within

At Raveling Chiropractic, our wellness team is passionate about helping you unlock your body’s innate ability to heal. As part of our commitment to empowering wellness from within, we are excited to announce a new line of all-natural homeopathic drops to support your health. This new line, now available at our wellness center, includes Pure Sea Veg Energy Plus+ Complete, Pure Sea Veg Whole Body Cleanser and Inflammation Ecologically Harvested Herbal Compounding Formula. This all-natural supplements deliver vital nutrients to our bodies while reducing internal toxin levels.

All-Natural Homeopathic Drops Detoxify the Body

Do you frequently feel tired, sluggish, and low-energy? Do you feel like you keep getting sick, no matter what you do? Poor health is associated with total toxin overload, a condition that’s increasingly common due to the fact that our environment is saturated with dangerous chemicals. Even chemicals that were banned 40 years ago, like DDT, are still showing up in our bodies. For example, one chilling study published by the Environmental Working Group in 2005 found 287 different toxins were present in the bodies of newborn babies. Toxins have saturated our environment and our now saturating our bodies. They’re in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Toxins are even absorbed into our bodies through our skin.

Our bodies naturally used the liver and kidneys to filter out toxins. However, given the heavy levels of toxins that are now in our environment, our bodies simply cannot keep up. Chances are you have also had some level of exposure to heavy metals. Believe it or not, arsenic and lead are among the most common forms of heavy metal toxicity. These poisons are used in the manufacturing processes for pesticides, glass, wood preservatives, fertilizers, paint, batteries, plumbing, and ink. These metals are also commonly found in hobby paints, hair coloring and cosmetics.

Wellness products like homeopathic drops support our body’s natural detoxification process, helping our bodies safely remove these toxins. By getting removing these toxins from our bodies, we can live longer, healthier disease-free lives. Toxin removal helps to reduce or eliminate numerous problems such as chronic pain, digestive troubles, depression, and even poor eyesight. Detoxifying your body can boost your immune system, clear your mind, balance your hormones, and reduce your body fat.

Homeopathic drops are a safe, all-natural option for toxin removal. Taking Pure Sea Veg Energy Plus+ Complete, a form of sea vegetable, is an important first start. The recommended dose is two droppers, twice per day. We also carry UltraCleanse, a safe and effective detoxifier that’s made from the inner bark of Pau D’Arco. Studies show that Pau D’Arco is one of the most effective detoxifiers known to man; it’s strong enough to soak up toxins and heavy metals, but still gentle on the system.

Regular detoxification with homeopathic drops is an important part of whole body wellness. To learn more about these benefits, talk to our wellness team today.