Dunedin Chiropractor Provides Chiropractic Care and Treatment 

At Raveling Chiropractic Center, P.A., our Dunedin chiropractor Dr. Raveling provides drug-free pain management, injury rehabilitation and whole body wellness care. Our chiropractic services include spinal adjustments, corrective exercises, spinal and postural screenings, and physiotherapy. As part of our commitment to whole body health, we also offer lifestyle advice and a customized all-natural diet program. Our chiropractic techniques are safe, comfortable and effective.

Dunedin Chiropractor Provides a Drug-Free Pain Management Treatment Plan

Our chiropractic services are based on this simple principle: the spine is the body’s foundation. When it is properly aligned, the body operates in a state of “ease.” When the spine is out of alignment, the body is in a state of “dis-ease.” Even if you are not currently experiencing pain, your spine may still be out of alignment. A misalignment places you at increased risk for chronic pain, poor immune system functionality, and a host of other health problems. Maintaining proper spinal alignment is key to good health.

If you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches or other chronic pain, chiropractic adjustments can help relieve this pain. One of the most common causes for back pain is a herniated, slipped or bulging disc. This misalignment can place pressure on nearby nerves, triggering a radiating or numbing pain sensation. As long as nerves continue to be compressed, you will continue to experience pain. This is why medication is limited in its effectiveness. Drugs work by numbing the brain’s perception of pain sensations. Once medication wears off, pain will return.

Chiropractic care is an effective, drug-free approach to managing chronic pain. Spinal adjustments bring proper alignment back to our patient’s musculoskeletal system. Restoring alignment is key to alleviating nerve compression and supporting whole body health. We typically combine chiropractic adjustments with corrective care exercises. These exercises are a safe and effective way to bring mobility back to the body after an injury while building strength, coordination and flexibility.

Our commitment to whole body health goes beyond pain management and injury rehabilitation. Our customized all-natural diet program is a long-term weight loss solution and total lifestyle change. We support our patient’s health from the inside out.

To learn more about our chiropractic services for pain management and injury rehabilitation, schedule a diagnostic appointment with Dr. Raveling today!