How Your Dunedin Chiropractor Can Help You Following a Car Accident

Over two million people are injured or disabled due to car accidents each year in the United States. Some of the most common injuries include back and neck pain, whiplash, and brain and head injuries. Some injuries cause pain for years afterward. The good news is chiropractic care is very effective when it comes to treating auto-related injuries, including headaches, migraines, and vertigo.

Help with Headaches

If during a car accident you’ve suffered a blow to the head whether by hitting the steering wheel or window, you will most likely have headaches afterward. Headaches are also common after getting rear ended and are a symptom of whiplash. Some people have a severe headache directly after the accident and it eventually goes away. Some, however, start getting them more frequently.

If you’ve gotten in a car accident and your headache won’t go away or you get them more frequently than normal, your car accident chiropractor will be able to help. Spinal manipulations are very effective when it comes to treating headaches. Besides chiropractic adjustments, other types of treatment might include exercises, relaxation techniques, and nutritional advice.

Help with Migraines

Migraines are a type of headache that are also common after car accidents. Migraines are different from headaches in that they usually only affect one side of the head and sometimes occur with nausea and blurred vision. Medically speaking, they are considered a neurological disorder caused by abnormalities in parts of the brain. Many people treat their migraines with prescription drugs but for some, medication is not effective plus most of the drugs cause negative side effects.

Chiropractic care offers a drug-free, natural approach to treating migraines. For many, this type of treatment is also far more effective. Chiropractors have found the following modalities can successfully treat migraines:

  • Spinal manipulations
  • Weekly massage therapy
  • Exercising on a regular basis
  • Practicing good nutrition
  • Practicing relaxation techniques

Your  chiropractor offers all of these services and would be glad to help you relieve your migraine pain.

Help with Vertigo

This condition is often characterized by having feelings of dizziness or loss of balance. You might have the feeling you’re spinning or that things around you are spinning. For some, the feeling comes and goes, but for others it can last for hours or even days. When left untreated, it can become debilitating. Vertigo is common after car accidents and is usually caused by neck damage, when there is a violent movement of your head, or vascular damage.

As with headaches and migraines our car accident chiropractor is extremely effective in treating vertigo. Spinal manipulations, positioning maneuvers, exercise, and nutrition can all be ways to stop the spinning sensation.

Get Help Today

Whether you started getting headaches, migraines, or vertigo after a car accident or you have suffered with them for years, your Dunedin chiropractor is ready to help you begin a pain-free life. Contact Raveling Chiropractic Center, P.A. today at (727) 733-0433 to schedule your appointment.