How Our Dunedin Chiropractor Treats Cervical Lordosis Issues

You may hear frequent references to “straightening the spine” from chiropractic professionals, and indeed there are many situations in which correcting poor posture and spinal subluxation can vastly enhance a patient’s health, comfort and wellness. But some curves belong in the spinal column — and when you lack that natural curvature, you may experience pain, neurological problems and other symptoms. This is certainly true of the cervical portion of the spine, which normally includes a natural curve in the neck known as lordosis. If your neck lacks this curve, you need help from our Dunedin, FL chiropractor, Dr. Paul Raveling.

What is Cervical Lordosis

When viewed from the side, the healthy human spinal column displays three distinct curves– an backward-facing curve (kyphosis) in the middle of the spine called kyphosis as well as two inward-facing curves (lordosis), one at the neck and one at the small of the back. These gentle curves help keep the body balanced and stabilize the head, neck and back during motion. Unfortunately, many issues can conspire can reduce the natural degree of lordosis in the cervical spine. For example, an acute incident such as an auto accident injury can knock the cervical vertebrae out of alignment while also stretching ligaments and damaging the facet joints that articulate the neck. This can leave you with an unnaturally straight neck, placing pressure on major blood vessels or even the spinal cord itself.

Abnormal cervical lordosis can also occur over time as the result of degenerative ailments such as osteoporosis, serious alignment issues originating elsewhere in the body or poor workplace ergonomics. Constantly tilting your head downward to view your monitor screen is one common example. However it happens, abnormal lordosis can saddle you with chronic headaches, neck pain, fatigue, dizziness, mental confusion, tinnitus, nausea and other problems.

Neck Curvature Problem? Contact Our Dunedin Chiropractor

If you suffer from loss of normal cervical lordosis, you might assume that neck fusion surgery is your only logical treatment option. But this form of neck surgery is highly risky and can cause irreversible loss of flexibility and other limitations. Conservative care is a much smarter starting point — and that’s where our Dunedin chiropractor can help you. Dr. Raveling will x-ray your spine and examine your cervical curvature in detail while also taking your medical history and discussing any symptoms you may have before proceeding with a customized treatment program.

The treatments employed by our Dunedin chiropractor will depend in part on the cause of your problem. Studies of auto accident victims have found that targeted chiropractic adjustments can make a big difference in helping the cervical spine resume a more normal curvature. If spinal misalignment elsewhere in your body is affecting your neck curvature, we may administer other adjustments as well. We may also prescribe exercises to strengthen neck support or ergonomic practices to help you control your cervical alignment at work. Call (727) 733-0433 for a cervical lordosis evaluation!