Causes and Symptoms of Whiplash

It’s almost become a comedic cliche to see a movie or TV character wearing a cervical collar or neck brace as a quick way of showing that he has whiplash. But in real life, there’s nothing funny about this serious neck injury. Whiplash can cause debilitating discomfort and other symptoms that prevent you from performing essential daily tasks — and the damage to your nerves and tissues can become progressively worse as scarring and impingement create complications of their own. That’s why you need to get your whiplash treated as soon as possible. Here at Raveling Chiropractic Center, we can help you heal without surgery or drugs.

Car accidents are the most notorious cause of whiplash injuries, but any force that jolts the body can produce the necessary rapid “whipping” of the head. One of the reasons whiplash has such devastating potential is because it takes so little force to cause a serious neck injury. Even if your car is hit at low speed, your torso can actually be pushed forward at twice that speed. This force is then transferred to the neck and head, causing the head to fly forward. When the body checks the head’s forward motion, the resulting rebound actions places even more strain on the neck.

These stresses may pull or tear muscles and ligaments, causing the trademark neck pain and stiffness of whiplash — but that’s only the beginning of your problems. Whiplash can also produce cervical spinal misalignments such as dislocated vertebrae and herniated discs. These alignment issues may put pressure on the nerve roots branching off of the upper spinal cord. As a result, you may experience such symptoms as:

  • Headaches
  • Vertigo, disorientation and nausea
  • Problems with your eyesight or hearing
  • Inability to sleep
  • Pain, numbness or tingling in your arms and hands
  • Shoulder pain
  • Mood and cognition problems

Natural Whiplash Treatment Options at Raveling Chiropractic Center

Whiplash symptoms can destroy your functionality and quality of life. But some of the symptoms of a car accident injury don’t present themselves right away, which can lull many accident victims into a false sense of well being. Any car accident or personal accident victim should get a spinal screening from Dr. Raveling immediately, if only to confirm that nothing’s wrong.

If you do have whiplash symptoms, you’ll be relieved to know that you don’t need major surgery or a lifetime of painkillers. We can administer spinal adjustments to return errant vertebrae and their discs to their normal positions, freeing trapped nerve roots and restoring pain-free function. We may also prescribe massage therapy to relieve inflammation, pain and swelling in the soft tissues, promoting natural healing. Last but not least, corrective exercises and other forms of physical therapy may be necessary to make sure you regain your full range of motion and rebuild damaged or atrophied muscle groups.

Whiplash is serious business, and we have serious solutions for it. Contact Raveling Chiropractic Center today at (727) 733-0433 !