Relief and Healing for Dunedin Work Related Injuries

Millions of American workers are injured on the job annually. People slip and fall on wet floors, they lift heavy objects the wrong way, they hunch over their work and type at their computers for hours in non-ergonomic positions, etc. These and many other types of work related injuries in Dunedin result in everything from back pain and neck pain to wrist and shoulder pain.

Dr. Raveling is particularly experienced in helping workers from all walks of life recover from these injuries by going straight to the root of the problem. This means he works with patients not just on helping them get back to their pre-injury level of health and well-being; he also helps them strengthen themselves and work on ergonomic movement solutions to prevent any future work injuries.

Treating and Avoiding Work Related Injuries in Dunedin

Work related injuries in Dunedin can happen on any job site, whether it is a construction site, a bakery, a shoe store or a software company. So our Dunedin chiropractor knows that not all workers compensation situations are the same, and every patient needs personal, individualized attention to fully recover. Dr. Raveling first gives each patient a thorough exam. He will check the spinal alignment to determine if an injury adversely affected proper posture—or was adversely affected by poor posture, as is often the case. Dr. Raveling can then perform gentle, precise spinal adjustments to correct spinal alignment, which leads to pain relief and enables the nervous system to direct its healing energies effectively.

He will also assess the condition of the entire musculoskeletal system; the condition of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. is just as important as the alignment of the spine as the whole system works together. When one part is injured, it can cause imbalance and pain in other parts of the body. Work related injuries often cause painful scar tissue in the muscles. Dr. Raveling is experienced with the Gonstead technique that helps break up scar tissue to enable the muscles to heal properly. He often recommends massage therapy and other forms of physiotherapy designed to stimulate and accelerate internal, natural healing within the injured soft tissues.

Helping workers avoid future injury is a high priority for Dr. Raveling. He will teach injured workers therapeutic exercises and stretches to help condition and strengthen them for their jobs. He will also demonstrate more ergonomic, posture-friendly ways to get the work done, whatever kind of work it happens to be. Poor posture while typing, or a poorly-setup computer station can cause wrist pain, back pain and neck pain—and so can lifting heavy objects on the work floor, if the lifting is done improperly. Working smarter and more ergonomically can help people avoid work related injuries in Dunedin.

If you are struggling with a work injury, please call us today at (727) 733-0433 and start feeling and working better.