Dr. Raveling at Raveling Chiropractic Center, P.A. is your Florida chiropractor to improve your health. You may be seeking chiropractic care from a sudden injury or from years of overuse or impaired posture. Dr. Raveling desires to offer you a non-invasive and gentle pain-management program that combines chiropractic manipulations with other services. One of the natural pairings with chiropractic care is physical therapy. Physical therapy at Raveling Chiropractic Center, P.A. offers you a personalized treatment program after a thorough evaluation from our chiropractor. Call today and immediately feel the difference in the way your body moves and responds.

Physical Therapy Services for Pain Management in Dunedin

Injuries, poor posture and weaknesses respond with to physical therapy sessions. Our chiropractor determines which treatments are best for your body, but if you are suffering from an auto-accident, work-related or sports injury, physical therapy can help you recover quicker and prevent future injuries from occurring. Physical therapists use current techniques to provide you with successful treatments.

Some of the physical therapy treatments options include:

  • the use of hot or cold therapy to reduce inflammation or increase flexibility
  • stretching exercises
  • strengthening exercises
  • educating on proper body mechanics
  • help with setting up a work station to alleviate pain
  • electrical muscle stimulation
  • laser treatments
  • ultrasound therapy to stimulate healing
  • massage therapy for pain relief and flexibility

Physical therapists lead you through stretching and strengthening exercises that target your health needs. For example, if you are suffering from shoulder pain, your therapists may manually stretch your shoulder to increase your range of motion and then also show you at-home stretches to perform on your own. In addition, you learn strengthening exercises to improve the joint stability and overcome any postural instabilities caused by weak muscles.

Physical therapy programs help you by:

  • reducing pain
  • increasing range of motion
  • stabilizing joints
  • strengthening muscles
  • lessening inflammation
  • teaching proper body mechanics

Dr. Raveling encourages physical therapy as your work with the therapist supports your spinal and joint manipulations. After Dr. Raveling positions your healthy spine, physical therapy treatments stretch and strengthen the muscles to support this posture. The same is true with your other joints. For instance, if your hip has been injured, your pain can be managed with a stretching and strengthening program to help support a healthy hip alignment. If you have experienced an injury from sports, our chiropractor and physical therapists work with you to help restore your body to balance and quickly return you to the activities that you enjoy.

Call us today to schedule your evaluation, postural screening and physical therapy sessions. We look forward to hearing from you at (727) 733-0433 .