Dunedin Sports Injury Chiropractor: Getting You Back in the Game

Dr. Raveling has been relieving patients with sports injuries for nearly three decades with his skilled combination of chiropractic care, massage therapy, rehabilitation and physical therapy. This includes everyone from the weekend warrior to the serious athlete. As a sports injury chiropractor, he fully understands the strains, sprains, and overextensions that plague athletes and has numerous non-invasive, drug-free (and most of all, effective) techniques that spur the body to heal itself and become less vulnerable to future injury. So whether you jog or climb, play tennis, golf or football, Dr. Raveling can help.

Leave Your Sports Injury on the Sidelines with Chiropractic Care

The most common types of sports injuries are strains, sprains and pulled muscles. Golfers, for example, can and frequently do suffer strains from the sudden, violent swinging action of hitting the ball, and complain of back, shoulder, arm and wrist pain. Tennis players frequently suffer sprained ankles, knee injuries and the legendary “tennis elbow.” Some injuries happen suddenly (like whiplash on the football field) while others build up from repetitive action. These repetitive stress injuries are almost always exacerbated by incorrect form and posture during training or the game itself. In spite of how common these injuries are, Dr. Raveling recognizes and treats each sports injury patient as a complete individual for the most comprehensive healing.

Dr. Raveling gives each of his athlete chiropractic patients a complete and thorough examination to determine the extent of the injury. Once he understands all of the details of your specific injury and overall health he can start you on the path to natural healing and improved strength. Full rehabilitation from a sports injury usually involves a multi-faceted approach that starts with chiropractic spinal adjustments. Because posture and form are prime factors in many injuries, Dr. Raveling will perform gentle, precise adjustments that correct your posture to release pinched nerves and relieve pain.

Then the process of physical therapy comes in. As your posture is being corrected, Dr. Raveling and our team will train you through specific stretches and exercises designed to strengthen and improve range of motion in injured muscles. This combined approach of improving posture and rehabilitating soft tissues is critical to providing overall healing. Dr. Raveling focuses on proper form and will make sure that you know exactly how to do each stretch and exercise so that you receive the most therapeutic benefit from it.

In addition, he usually recommends massage therapy to relax painful musculoskeletal tensions and break down tight, painful adhesions that impair correct muscle function. Massage therapy is a fantastic addition to physical therapy and chiropractic care in this way. It also increases circulation and reduces inflammation right down at the cellular level. Massage also releases endorphins into the bloodstream for natural, welcome pain relief.

If sports injuries are keeping you out of the game, call us for an appointment today at (727) 733-0433 !