Spring Into a New Sports Season Sans Injury

Has a sports injury stuck you on the sidelines? Chiropractic care from our Dunedin chiropractor can get you back in the game.

Dunedin Chiropractor Relieves Sports Injury Pain

Dr. Raveling’s pain management and injury rehabilitation services have helped hundreds of sports injury patients just like you once again get healthy and active. Our non-invasive, drug-free treatments not only relieve pain, but also speed the injury rehabilitation process.

Read on to learn how our Dunedin chiropractor uses chiropractic care and rehabilitation exercises to treat three common sports injuries:

#1: Ankle sprain/ knee pain. High impact sports like running, basketball and soccer can trigger these repetitive motion injuries. When the soft tissues are strained, it can be difficult to walk, much less run or jog. Corrective care exercises help strengthen the surrounding tissues without aggravating an ankle sprain or knee injury. Our rehabilitation treatments support the internal healing process and provide natural pain relief.

#2: Tennis or golf elbow. An incorrect motion swinging a tennis racket or golf club can slowly strain the elbow tendons over time, leading to a painful condition known as lateral epicondylitis. Overuse further stresses the tendons, leading to swelling, inflammation and pain. For many patients, a misalignment in their spine is triggering this incorrect swing and motion. Restoring alignment to the spine is essential to correcting the underlying trigger for tennis/golf elbow. We integrate chiropractic care with rehabilitation treatments for enhanced pain relief and a speedy recovery.

#3: Herniated disc. Any active sport, including running, as well as contact sports like football, can cause a herniated disc in the lower back. When this occurs, patients suffer not only from back pain, but also a restricted range of motion. While medication may temporarily relieve back pain, it has short-term effectiveness and the back pain will return. Chiropractic care is the best way to treat a herniated disc injury. Adjustments restore spinal alignment, allowing the herniated disc to return to its proper position, which relieves pressure on the nerves.

Have chiropractic adjustments or rehab exercises helped your sports injury heal?
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