Staying Active Between Seasons Helps Prevent Sports Injury

A hard sports season can strain the body and it’s understandable that the off-season may seem like the right time for your child to take a break. However, taking the off-season too literally may make injury more likely when the season starts back up.

Staying Active Year-Long

Exercise doesn’t have to be intensive with every session, but a complete vacation will cause the muscles and joints to lose their strength and flexibility. Sport-specific training in the off-season helps improve skill and maintain the physical fitness of your child’s body.

The Benefit of Off-Season Sports Training

While running around outdoors, swimming and playing during the summertime is good for kids, staying active should focus most on keeping the body in the right physical condition for the sport (or sports) your child participates in. This means you should encourage your child to participate in off-season physical activities as well as sports training.

It is important to look for signs of exhaustion during the off-season and not over-work the child. A person can begin to feel burned out if the pressure and physical exhaustion never lets up. Training should be used to maintain the body’s physical state and not push it beyond its limits – the height of a child’s performance should be during the season and the off-season should be used like a cool down and warm up for the year.

Finding a Chiropractor in Dunedin

Selecting a chiropractor in Dunedin to monitor your child’s physical condition can prevent serious injury during the year. Paired with continued activity, a chiropractor can look for alignment and muscle problems that could cause an injury due to tightness or weakness.

A chiropractor with experience in sports injuries and athletic wellness can help your child throughout the season and off-season. Maintaining a pain-free and healthy physical state is our number one goal for our patients. At our Raveling Chiropractic Center, we focus on keeping your athlete in the game and injury-free.

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