The Benefits of Nutritional Counseling and Organic Foods for Healing

Your body is a bioorganic machine, and when you feed it the right foods it is able to power and heal itself effectively. In turn, a strong, healthy body is able to fully enjoy the effectiveness of the adjustments performed by our Dunedin chiropractor – fantastic news for our patients who seek to recovery from an injury or just maintain a healthy spine with routine adjustments! Visit us for nutritional counseling to start your road to better health.

Dunedin Diet and Nutrition for Increased Healing

Healing begins with our Dunedin diet and nutrition program, which recommends consuming proteins, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats in the right quantities. Eating less than 1200 calories a day can send your body into starvation mode and drastically reduce the number of calories you burn. When this happens, your body stores every calorie you consume as fat and does not utilize the food properly. Under-consumption of food can lead to the same illnesses and injuries and weight gain as consuming too many high-calorie, highly processed foods.

Instead of starving yourself, our Dunedin chiropractor and our nutritionist recommend that you eat lots of foods that contain micronutrients, including apples, berries and oranges, leafy green vegetables, whole grains and leans meats. These foods fuel your body, increase your energy, and make you less prone to injuries and illnesses. When a healthy diet and lifestyle are combined with our chiropractic care, our patients notice faster results.

Dunedin Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose weight, our Dunedin diet and nutrition program can help you shed unwanted pounds without many of the negative side-effects of dieting, including hunger and irritability. Instead, our Dunedin weight loss program recommends eating a variety of healthy foods and consciously choosing healthier lifestyle options. If you do not currently exercise, we may recommend starting an exercise program. When lifestyle changes are combined with our nutritionist’s guidance, you will lose weight, and many of our clients report losing as many as 7 pounds per week.

Did you know that our Dunedin chiropractic office offers nutrition and weight loss guidance?

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